VirtualDub 1.8.x2: High Precision Display

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VirtualDub 1.8.x2: High Precision Display

Сообщение Gideon Vi » Вс авг 24, 2008 6:16 am

Тем временем phaeron всё больше залазит в непонятные дебри:
Fairly small addition this time. I did some research into what it would take to implement higher precision image formats, and while there are some blocking issues in the core, I did take a whack at implementing high precision display just to see what it would look like. The addition is a new option in Options > Preferences > Display which allows you to enable high precision conversion for the Direct3D driver. What this does is cause YCbCr formats to decode to higher than 8-bit precision and dither on the video card, which removes some of the banding you would see from the [16, 235] luma range conversion and from bilinear/bicubic stretching.

You must have a video card that supports at least pixel shader 2.0 and 16F format filtering for this to work -- which, practically, implies a GeForce 6200+ or a Radeon HD2400+. It's theoretically possible to implement this down to any ps2.0 card, but it would require reworking all the display shaders and I'm not sure if the video cards in that range have enough performance. The lack of 16F filtering in the pre-DX10 Radeon line is a problem, but it might be possible to get things working with A16B16G16R16. Enabling debug information display will tell you whether the high precision conversion is enabled: it will show bilinear-16F or bicubic-16F instead of bilinear or bicubic as the stretching mode.

I'm curious if anyone has high enough quality source to spot the difference. It was basically impossible for me to spot the difference on garden variety video sources.
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